Stemmer: 151

Score: 20

Navn Stemmer

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Do you need to find a server where you can have fun with your friends or strangers? Then this is for you. We are doing much for our player base!

Abilities; Get abiltiies as you level up your skills
Skills; get your power to rise to be stronger
Shop; buy almost everything from minecraft, and in our Daily Shop buy slimefun resources or buy fly in-game
Quests; Complete quest and earn rewards, or earn Premium
Slimefun; Build insane machinery
Talismans; Craft items to hold in your inventory to get bonusses
Leveled Mobs; Fight mobs that will be stronger as you are getting more power
World Map; See your location, see the map or hide yourself from the map

Join Adventure World and start of with seeing everything with our in-game command /help !

⊵ Join us – Bedrock Support ⊴
Version – 1.17 ➤ 1.18.1
Ip –
Port – 25565
Discord –