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Score: 19.99

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  • Jobs PvP Survival Towny
  • 95%

Navn Stemmer

Welcome to CactiCraft, where the Wild West comes alive in Minecraft! Experience a lawless frontier filled with opportunities and threats at every corner. Here, you’re not just a player; you’re a pioneer, an outlaw, or even a sheriff.

🌵 Dynamic Quests: Hunt down notorious outlaws, discover hidden treasures, and solve riddles that will lead you to untold riches.

🏠 Towny Mechanics: Build or join towns, create alliances, and engage in town wars. Politics here is as ruthless as the outlaws.

🛠️ Specialized Jobs: Choose a job that suits your play style, be it Rancher, Hunter, or Miner, and earn in-game currency.

🎲 Frontier Chests: Gamble with fate and unlock chests that could make you the owner of a gold mine or a criminal mastermind.

🦜 Custom Mobs: Face off against unique mobs like Bandits and Desert Scorpions that make the Wild West even wilder.

🎯 PvP and PvE Modes: Sharpen your aim for duels or team up to fight against deadly mobs.

🎭 Role-playing: Immerse yourself in the era with authentic attire, weapons, and dialogue. Role-play scenarios are just another day in CactiCraft.

Saddle up your horse, load your revolver, and set out to make your own destiny in CactiCraft!